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Dvillena Africa Training Toe Shoe
  • Dvillena Africa Training Toe Shoe

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    It belongs to the intermediate range, so you can enjoy them both in training (as there is no internal seam to avoid rubbing) and in competition. Flexible and resistant with innovative colour.


    Africa is made with the same materials as Sandra toe-shoes. They only differ in the colour tone of the material, so that you can choose which one matches the best with your skin tone.


    With the new elastic bands with silicone injection the toe-shoe remains 100% adhered to the foot and does not move during exercises.


    All our toe-shoes are handmade with Spanish materials.


    If you are looking for comfort, flexibility and durability, don’t doubt it, this is your dvillena.

    • UPPER     Microfibre

      INSOLE.   Cotton terry textile

      OUTSOLE    Microfibre

      TRIM.        Cotton

      BANDS.    Elastic with silicone injection

      SEAM.       Zig-zag, without inner seam

      COLOUR  Taupe with DVILLENA in white

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