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Dvillena Sensación Elite Toe Shoe
  • Dvillena Sensación Elite Toe Shoe

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    Sensación is the star toe-shoe of the elite, designed for high-level competition and long training sessions. It is used in World Championships and Olympic Games by numerous national and international gymnasts. It is made out of a single piece so that it adapts perfectly to the foot and turns with you.

    It is totally reinforced (double layer), avoiding the burning feeling. Its inner part contains antibacterial bamboo, which helps the toe-shoe to last longer and to be more hygienic.

    Our patent (PCT/ES2013/000004) guarantees the quality of this product both nationally and internationally.

    With the new elastic bands with silicone injection the toe-shoe remains 100% adhered to the foot and does not move during exercises.

    In addition, the new and much softer elastic trims provide greater comfort.

    All our toe-shoes are handmade with Spanish materials.

    If you don’t want to feel the carpet, don’t doubt it, this is your dvillena.

    • UPPER.    Reinforced micro-elastic textile

      INSOLE.  Antibacterial bamboo

      OUTSOLE   Reinforced micro-elastic textile

      TRIM.      New elastic lycra

      BANDS.  Elastic with silicone injection

      SEAM.     Without inner seam

      COLOUR.  Camel with DVILLENA in dark brown

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